Next Gate Tech

Automated Marketing and Regulatory Reporting

From raw data to document generation without manual intervention

Our Solution

Leverage the Centralised Golden Source For all your reporting needs

Benefit from our data management capabilities as the starting point for insightful reports, including regulatory reporting and marketing documentation.

Data Integration

We streamline and automate data collection and standardization, converting diverse sources into a uniform format for easier exploration and applications.

Integrated Analytics

Benefit from our advanced analytics and signals library to feed compliance, performance and risk measures that is directly fed in your documention.

Regulatory Reporting Made Simple

Enhance the creation of complex regulatory reports with ease, ensuring compliance with evolving standards and regulations.

Customizable and Flexible

Tailor your reports to meet specific stakeholder needs with flexible, customizable reporting options.


Benefit from an Integrated Reporting Solution

Data Integrity

Provides a single, accurate view of your portfolio and cash data by eliminating discrepancies and errors.

Operational Efficiency

Automates and streamlines the reconciliation process, significantly reducing manual effort and operational costs.

Risk Reduction

Minimises the risk of misreporting by ensuring data accuracy across portfolios and systems.

Flexibility and Growth

Adapts to your evolving data management needs, supporting the integration of new data sources and the expansion of your operations.

Leverage Our Partners

Our partnership with Clarity AI and Kneip allow you to leverage our technology and have a single access for: Factsheet, Priips, Kiids, AIFMD, SFDR, EU Taxonomy and more

Our Clients & Partners

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