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Elevating Funds Operations with Advanced Data Management, Versatile Analytics and Intelligent AI-powered Workflows

Product Strategic Vision

Technology-Driven Solutions for the Fund Industry

We believe that technology is key in addressing the challenges of the fund industry operations.


Fund industry back-offices face significant data management challenges with vast, non-standardized datasets, hindering automation and increasing operational costs and risks.


Our platform tackles these challenges by structuring and harmonizing data, enabling insightful analytics and automated and intelligent workflows, all in one single solution.

Unified Platform

Our unified platform serves multiple use cases, each addressing specific needs from providing a golden source of harmonized data to overseeing NAV calculations and comprehensive reporting and reconciliation services.


We leverage the latest advances in cloud and AI technologies and continiously invest in R&D to enhance our proprietary intelligence capabilities, and to ensure that our clients maintain a strategic advantage.

Data Management

Everything Starts with Data

A centralised, automated and clean Golden Source of all your data files and inputs.

Data Management

Automated Flows

We connect and setup automatic flows to any delegate in order to collect and ingest hundreds of thousands of files in a central source.

Data Quality Checks

Before calculations, we conduct statistical quality tests on data to quickly identify issues and link them to anomalies detected.

AI-powered Entity Recognition

In order to remove the need of manual mappings, we run AI models to be able to detect and classify all entities that are contained with a dataset.

Automated Enrichment

To counterbalance the sparsity of the data we collect and potential missing data points, our solution leverages on internal and externals datasets to enrich your datasets.

Multi-Representation Database

Our technology uses a multi-representation database to gather data from all sources, including internal ones, for each entity, which faciliates for example portfolio reconcilation among others.

Search, Query and Edit

Our Referential Entity Search Engine lets you search and modify (harmonised) data across entities like investment products and fees, subsequently enhancing data exports and visualizations.


Generating Actionable Insights

Leveraging our clean golden source, we compute advanced analytics to address a variety of use cases.

Custom, Basic and Advanced Signals

Our Calculation Engine leverages your central and clean golden source to power custom, basic and advanced analytics, including attribution, anomaly detection, and time series analysis.

Internal and External Calculations

Our platform serves as a marketplace foundation, enabling you to combine and select all your harmonised data into an unified dashboard that includes both internal and external analytics, for example of our ESG partner Clarity AI.

Visual Access and Integrated Actionable Workflows

Our dashboard can visualize trades and portfolio data, create reports, navigate views, and use insights like exposure and allocation to customize workflows and generate events.


Enhanced User Journey with Our Intelligent Assistant

Benefit from a personal workflow assistant that streamlines Funds Operations by intelligently identifying key issues and guiding you to potential root causes.


Smart Consolidated Summaries

Leveraging Generative AI in our Smart Consolidated Summaries, we transform complex data into clear insights, highlighting key issues and root causes in both concise and detailed views.

Context and Potential Root-Cause

Investigation Reports do not only contain Points of Attentions, they also highlights potential Root Causes and Contextual observations, aiding you in and decreasing resolution time.

High Level Reporting and Activity Tracking

Visual KPIs for effective activity tracking and high-level reporting on custom metrics and timeframes, allowing both detailed analysis and strategic board-level overviews to assess organizational performance.

Flexibility and Customization

Recognizing each organizations unique needs, our flexible workflow tools allow customization to fit your structure, with options for filtering views, adjusting (event) triggers and more.

Infrastructure & Security

Fortified and Scalable Infrastructure

Ensuring Security, Compliance, Scalability, Reliability, Availability and Quality

Scalable, Available and Reliable

Our infrastructure is designed for Scalability and Reliability. A dedicated Reliability & Quality team is in addition continuously enhancing and maintaining the Availability, Consistency, and Quality of our application. As of Q4 2023, our APIs boast an uptime exceeding 99.5%

Secure by Design

Our architecture exceeds industry standards for technical and security measures, encompassing Organizational Setup, Isolation and Segregation, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Identity & Access Management, Network Security, Encryption, Data Security, and more.


Our recent audit confirmed above-average scores in Information Security Compliance and Governance, benchmarked against ISO 27001 and NIST. Audited areas included Governance, IAM, Physical Security, and more, covering all aspects from Data Protection to Network Security.

Industry TrendsThe fund industry is increasingly adopting time series analysis to enhance operations, enabling the use of advanced methodologies like statistical machine learning and AI.
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