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Join a diverse and inclusive community where your skills are valued and your ideas are heard.

Innovative Environment

Be part of a team that thrives on innovation. We encourage and support fresh ideas that challenge the status quo

Career Growth

We invest in the professional development of our employees. As we grow, so do our team members. We provide opportunities for advancement and learning at every step

Direct Impact

Contribute to projects that make a difference. Whether it's developing cutting-edge technology or creating solutions to real-world problems, your work will have a meaningful impact

Collaborative Culture

Our workplace is built on collaboration and teamwork. We believe that diverse perspectives lead to better solutions, and we actively promote an inclusive environment

Embrace The Opportunity

Our Values

Embrace Entrepreneurism

If you like to be told what to do and follow orders, make sure not to send us your resume. At Next Gate Tech, we’re all self-starters. We believe that independent thinkers who can’t do anything else but venture out into the unknown will make the difference. In our company, people experience freedom to solve problems in new ways. But with great freedom comes great responsibility as well: that’s what it means to be a true entrepreneur.


When there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Which will probably lead to new problems, but that’s the fun part about it, isn’t it? We revel in disruption, delving deeper and seeking further, in order to take our technology to the next level. And we live for the moment when everything is put together and the technology actually does what it needs to do. As said earlier: we love it when a plan comes together.

Create Synergy

Others in fintech fail because they’re not able to establish synergy between departments and specialists. It’s our competitive advantage that we manage to create mutual understanding between quants, devs and finance people. Similarly, we manage to harmonise financial data, in order to make our platform work. Because of creating synergy, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Be Mindful

While innovation and synergy are essential, they're only part of the equation. To truly become a leader in tomorrow's landscape, we must also embrace responsibility. Successful companies prioritise their people, ecosystems, and sustainability. We are committed to the path of Regenerative organisations, leveraging living system frameworks to co-create processes that benefit all stakeholders – including employees, investors, partners, communities, and the environment.

Our Locations Fostering creativity and collaboration in a vibrant and stimulating environment.
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London35 New Broad St, London
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