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Oversight of Delegates

Discover a new level of efficiency with fully automated oversight of NAV calculation, risk management, portfolio management, and ESG.


A New Way to Conduct Oversight

Automated, robust, harmonized, and intelligent, making the entire process quick, seamless, and transparent.

Fully Automated Data Collection

We ingest structured and unstructured data from your fund administrators (ABOR), brokers, and Investment Book of Records (IBOR). Additionally, you can complement this with your own data flow. All the data is harmonized and centralized.

One Calculation Engine, Multiple Applications

Leveraging harmonized and centralized golden data to detect NAV calculation anomalies, compute performance and risk calculations, identify investment strategy disruptions, and generate ESG analytics.

AI-Assisted Workflow

Our AI-assisted workflows synthesize anomaly detections into concise summaries, focusing on root causes for efficient resolution. This enhances investigative precision and drastically reduces the time spent identifying errors.


Our Workflow capabilities allow you to customize the process and align it with your internal workflows seeminglessly, including triggering, exporting and automation conditions.


One solution, Multiple Applications

Including oversight of NAV Calculation, Risk Management, Portfolio Management and ESG

NAV Oversight

A new way to conduct NAV oversight: fully automated, robust, harmonized, and intelligent, ensuring a holistic, fast, and simple organizational process.

Risk Management Oversight

Empower risk management oversight with independent calculations of exposure, leverage and commitment, value at risk (VaR), liquidity, stress test scenarios and more.

Portfolio Management Oversight

Provides detailed analytics to track investment managers' exposure changes, performance, and benchmark deviations, ensuring adherence to investment guidelines and regulatory standards.

ESG Oversight

Align with ESG regulatory requirements such as consensus Scoring, ESG Risk, PAIs for SFDR, EU taxonomy, climate and exposures.

Use Case Example

NAV Oversight

Running hundreds of checks automatically, consolidating them into a few actionable insights for you. This process not only detects anomalies in NAV calculations but also highlights their root causes.

Our NAV Oversight Approach

NAV Oversight
Use Case Example

ESG Oversight

Combining the power of Clarity AI and Next Gate Tech

Our ESG Oversight Approach

ESG Oversight

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