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Reconciliation Perfected

Integrate and reconcile portfolio data and cash from unlimited sources.

Our Solution

Automated, Intelligent and Hassle Free Reconciliation

Perform efficient and automated reconciliation of your data across diverse sources such as IBOR, ABOR, and depository banks.

Data Integration

We streamline and automate data collection and standardization, converting diverse sources into a uniform format for easier exploration and applications.


Our Reconciliation Engine aligns data across systems, automates reconciliation, ensures accuracy, and provides scalable and secure data management.

Efficient Operations

We leverage AI, supervised by humans when necessary, to automatically identify and categorize entities across different files, eliminating the need for manual mapping and reducing the risk of errors.


Our reconciliation approach integrates with our workflow capabilities to manage discrepancies and points of attention, allowing you to customize your internal workflows with the tool for streamlined operations.


Eliminate Discrepancies

Ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout your ecosystem.

Enhanced Data Integrity

Provides a single, accurate view of your portfolio and cash data by eliminating discrepancies and errors.

Operational Efficiency

Automates and streamlines the reconciliation process, significantly reducing manual effort and operational costs.

Risk Reduction

Minimises the risk of misreporting by ensuring data accuracy across portfolios and systems.

Flexibility and Growth

Adapts to your evolving data management needs, supporting the integration of new data sources and the expansion of your operations.

Our Clients & Partners

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