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Next Gate Tech at the Telindus Cloud Event 2019

Yesterday we had the pleasure to share the stage with Cloud Services Providers and Intelligent Solution Providers during the 3rd Telindus Cloud Event in Luxembourg.

Published on 29th of November 2019

Fanni Koncz

The Public Cloud toolbox is the core of recent technological innovations and the pillar of our Cognitive Robotic Process Automation solution for NAV oversight. Regulation isn’t an obstacle to Public Cloud implementation in the Asset Management area. Regulators across Europe and the CSSF in Luxembourg are showing the way of using Public Cloud Solutions to increase efficiency in processes.

Davide Martucci, our CEO, said: “It was an honor to be in this panel and debate on the topic; How can you drive innovation with public cloud emerging technologies? With Google, Microsoft, ML6, and Codit. In Luxembourg, the financial industry is, slowly but surely, switching more and more into cloud solutions. We, at Next Gate Tech, are a “Born in the Cloud” company, offering reliable, smart and fast automation through a SaaS solution that wouldn’t be possible without cloud infrastructure.”

Recently released policies regarding the cloud technology utilization in the regulated environment of asset management bring a new world of possibilities. Those policies are matching perfect timing in an industry that requires in-depth digital automation and technological transformation efforts to meet investor's requirements of better efficiency and the emergency regulatory oversight requirements. Thanks to the Cloud, we use state of the art methodologies like machine learning to facilitate an automatic, reliable, and verifiable solution that enables our clients to meet their regulatory responsibilities in a vastly more efficient and secure way.

Let’s move together into this revolution and discover what public cloud and machine learning means for the asset management middle and back-office transformation, and for your organization!

Thank you, Telindus, for this great event!

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