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NAV Oversight: How data and AI can drive operational excellence

In today's changing and complex regulatory landscape, achieving operational excellence requires a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, while leveraging advancements in AI.

Published on 1st of April 2024

Lucas de Lara

After decades of transformation efforts, the fund industry is at a turning point for disruption, particularly in fund operations, driven by factors such as margin pressure, rising client expectations, outdated technology, and increased regulatory demands.

Regulators understand that technology can solve a part of this challenge, and the recently issued CSSF Circular 24/856 on investor protection related to NAV errors, breaches of investment restrictions and other errors illustrates this trend: an underlying emphasis on having robust organisational and technical controls with a holistic and integrated oversight lens around administrative errors.

At Next Gate Tech, our NAV Oversight Approach is proof of this fusion, with our comprehensive platform encompassing three core pillars: Data Management, Analytics, and Workflow. As outlined in this article, this technology-driven solution can address multiple use cases, providing advanced insights for assessing portfolio valuation accuracy, detecting NAV anomalies, and streamlining investigative processes to enhance operational efficiencies.

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