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Next Gate Tech and Clarity AI join forces to Elevate ESG Analytics

The future of ESG Oversight and Reporting - Next Gate Tech and Clarity AI Unleash Next-Gen Solutions for Asset Managers

Published on 27th of October 2023

Lucas de Lara

Next Gate Tech is excited to announce it entered into an agreement with Clarity AI, a leading provider of sustainability tech-based solutions and capabilities. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Next Gate Tech's commitment to empower asset managers with cutting-edge analytics and insights, focusing on ESG analysis, and addressing the evolving regulatory landscape.

At Next Gate Tech, we understand the increasing importance of ESG considerations in investment decisions. With regulators demanding more transparency and companies striving to meet evolving ESG standards, our collaboration with Clarity AI is a testament to our dedication to providing clients with the most accurate and comprehensive ESG analytics.

Next Gate Tech carefully selected Clarity AI as a partner due to the exceptional quality, extensive coverage, and steady accuracy of their ESG data. Clarity AI's commitment to delivering data that aligns seamlessly with regulatory mandates perfectly complements Next Gate Tech's mission to empower our clients with the best tools available when it comes to overseeing their fund operations.

Next Gate Tech will integrate various datasets from Clarity AI and generate ESG portfolio analytics through its SaaS platform allowing its clients to monitor and report on the Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) for SFDR, assess the eligibility and alignment of their portfolio with the 6 environmental objectives of the EU Taxonomy or screen their portfolio for exposures to controversy activities. These additions significantly enhance Next Gate Tech current ESG analytics capabilities.

With Next Gate Tech Data Management capabilities automating the collection and harmonization of portfolio data from multiple sources including ABOR and IBOR and the embedded connectivity with Clarity AI, Asset Managers will be able to monitor daily how their portfolio evolves and generate in seconds their reportings to investors or regulators.