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Next Gate Tech announces a partnership with Eurizon Capital S.A.

Next Gate Tech announces a partnership with Eurizon Capital S.A., the asset management company of Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Published on 12th of June 2023

Lucas de Lara

Next Gate Tech, a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Eurizon Capital S.A., the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's asset management company based in Luxembourg, specialised in the management of investment products and services for retail, private and institutional clients. This collaboration aims to improve their oversight processes, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive operational efficiency in Eurizon's asset management operations.

The implementation of Next Gate Tech's innovative solutions will enable Eurizon to gain deeper insights into their assets under management and streamline their processes, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and precision in NAV calculations.

The partnership between Next Gate Tech and Eurizon represents a shared vision to transform Asset Managers operation processes through advanced technology and domain expertise. By combining forces, both organizations aim to set new industry standards in operational efficiency, data integrity, and risk mitigation.

"We are excited to partner with Eurizon, a highly respected player in the global asset management industry. Our cutting-edge data management and analytics solutions are uniquely positioned to address the evolving challenges faced by asset managers. We are confident that our partnership will provide Eurizon with a robust oversight framework, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize operational efficiency." said Davide Martucci, CEO of Next Gate Tech.