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Next Gate Tech's Insight of Luxembourg's Startup Ecosystem

Davide Martucci and Semin Ibisevic, co-founders of Next Gate Tech, outline the high commitment of Luxembourg to support their startup with its growth.

Published on 19th of October 2021

Fanni Koncz

####“Perspectives” by Startup Luxembourg is a deep dive into the dynamic startup ecosystem of the country. Davide Martucci and Semin Ibisevic, co-founders of Next Gate Tech shared their views in the first insight video.

“I think Next Gate Tech is a good example of the support and the commitment that Luxembourg provides to startups”, explains Davide Martucci, CEO. His company benefited from an investment from the public/private fund Digital Tech Fund and accessed public research grants thanks to its collaboration with Luxinnovation.

“The support provided by the different partners and the government is really done in an efficient way”, adds Semin Ibisevic, CTO of Next Gate Tech.

You can watch the full video * *here **.


About Startup Luxembourg: Startup Luxembourg is a public initiative supported by the Ministry of the Economy to connect, support and promote the startup ecosystem.