Shaping The Future of Asset Management

Next Gate Tech is a Luxembourg based FinTech that provides innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions for the asset management industry.

What We Do

We capitalize on the rapid emergence of cloud-based computing frameworks to provide fast, accurate, and robust solutions to our clients.

We provide smart automation solutions through a web platform to help industry players manage middle and back-office tasks.

Our Story

Next Gate Tech was founded by professionals with years of experience in the asset management industry who have an intricate knowledge of its needs.

Today, the team consists of talented members with complementary skills and extensive know-how in data analytics, finance, and technology.

Our Solution

Cutting-Edge Intelligent Automation Technology

Enhancing and optimizing middle- and back-office processes in the asset management industry

Advanced Infrastructure

Leveraging the latest advances in the field

Rich Front-End Dashboard

Customizable and efficient

Plug & Play

A fast implementable solution

Efficient and Reliable

Using state of the art methodologies in machine learning

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

Smart Robotic Process Automation

Our automation models consider both historical data and event context to gain insights, adapt, and improve its recommendations.

The automated solutions of Next Gate Tech help its clients to extract the most relevant messages from the ocean of information surrounding the industry.

Software as a Service

Cloud Based SaaS Solution

At Next Gate Tech, we offer a cloud‐based enterprise operating platform through a SaaS Solution.

Our Web-Dashboard gives access to a rich front‐end displaying automated and customizable calculations that meet the clients’ requirements for better efficiency and the ever increasing regulatory requirements.

Plug & Play

Unique Entry Point for your Data

We offer an unique entry point of all data across every service provider and for all investment vehicles. We take care of data extraction and data handling.

Our smart automated data on-boarding and storage workflow takes the raw data and feeds it to our platform for subsequent analysis.

Next Gate Tech's Automated Data Handling is a “Plug and Play” solution that requires little efforts and worktime from the client.

Efficient and Reliable

Data Analytics

We use state of the art methodology (e.g. machine learning and computational methods to handle large amount of data) to facilitate an automatic, robust and verifiable product that enables our clients to meet their regulatory responsibilities in vastly more efficient and reliable way.

Why Us?

We know our clients as we were once amongst them

Deep industry knowledge

At the core of our advantages lies our team: we founded the company after spending many years in the asset-management industry, we know our clients as we were once amongst them.

At Next Gate Tech we never try to enforce a technological solution to a problem without a good economical and regulatory motivation, we don’t just do Tech for Tech’s sake.

Today, the team consists of talented members with complementary skills and large know-how in data analytics, finance and technology.

The right solution at the right time

Solutions based on cloud technology have always been a delicate point in the financial industry due to concerns about the confidentiality of data and lack of regulation guidelines.

Recently released policies by regulation authorities for the cloud technology utilization have triggered an automation and technological revolution in the financial industry.

At Next Gate Tech, we use cloud technology which allows us to keep an up-to-date, flexible solution that comes at the perfect time to meet investors’ requirements for better efficiency, as well as the steady growth of regulation guidelines in recent years.

Smart. Precise. Fast.

Meet our fully automated smart Funds Oversight Solution

Leveraging an advanced infrastructure

Customizable to the clients needs

Both our technological and methodological know-how offer synergies between solutions for different types and sizes of clients in the asset servicing industry.

Facilitated through our Web-Dashboard, we are able to offer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of the client.

To achieve this level of flexibility while still regaining high levels of scalability, we leverage heavily on our automated data handling process, automated data analytics and cloud technology infrastructure.