Smart Analytics & Insights

Our SaaS solution provides advanced insights and analytics for the financial industry. Leveraging the harmonized datasets, our technology generates various signals to analyze investment behaviors, compare performance, generate risk-based metrics and much more.

Combine our insights and analytics signals
for multiple use cases

An optimal workflow for conducting independent NAV validation reviews

• Significantly improve your ability to capture NAV errors.
• Identify outliers and unknown differences through our anomaly detection features based on machine learning and statistical tests.
• Effective investigation workflow designed for each category of signals.
• Get instant access to all underlying data and results in a downloadable format.
• Independent calculations using both daily and cumulative results.
• Controls performed at sub-fund level and share class level.

Independent risk and compliance analytics based on accounting book of record (ABOR) data

• Independently building up a performance book of record (PBOR) with ABOR.
• Get instant access to all underlying results in a downloadable format.
• All key metrics available at hand for executive summaries at portfolio-level reports.
• Monitor your funds at VaR with our historical and Monte Var calculations.
• Control your leverage under the AIFMD and UCITS framework.
• Stress test your portfolios.

Follow on a daily basis your ESG criteria

• Daily post-trade monitoring of ESG portfolio scoring
• Use of a monthly updated consensus scoring ESG data
• Instrument to entity management
• Per industry ranking of your assets
• Top 10 best/worst highlights
• Complete portfolio assets breakdown
• Full transparency on instruments coverage

Next Gate Tech delivers an online platform that provides smart analytics and insights on your asset under management. It’s easy to set up, you don’t need a big development team, and it’s always up-to-date. Sounds like magic, we know. But this time around it does work.

About Next Gate Tech

When we look at the fintech space we get very excited, because it embodies the future, progress and opportunity. Like other innovators we believe that magic can happen; not because magic is real, but because human wit, creativity and perseverance can make it so.