Automated Data Management

We leverage machine learning processes to automate the data flows of our clients resulting in the creation of a clean, harmonized and enriched database. Also, we remove the manual input element, helping you to reduce your operational risk and free up more time to focus on value added tasks.

Fully automated data collection, harmonization and enrichment from multiple sources

• Collection of both static and daily dynamic data through direct feeds with your counterparties and/or your systems.
• Seamless integration of various types of feeds (fund administrators, depository banks, investment managers, prime brokers…)
• Data received are harmonized and enriched into a single format to create a centralized data repository.
• Automated data validation and cleaning processes.

Leverage your datasets

• Original files are stored and can be accessed any time.
• Harmonized data sets can be queried to support business needs.
• Enhance your organizational effectiveness by making it your single dataset of reference.
• Point in time data storage of all your data.

Next Gate Tech delivers an online platform that provides smart analytics and insights on your asset under management. It’s easy to set up, you don’t need a big development team, and it’s always up-to-date. Sounds like magic, we know. But this time around it does work.

About Next Gate Tech

When we look at the fintech space we get very excited, because it embodies the future, progress and opportunity. Like other innovators we believe that magic can happen; not because magic is real, but because human wit, creativity and perseverance can make it so.