If you think it's magic, think again

Next Gate Tech is a FinTech focusing on developing new technologies for the financial industry. Our SaaS platform provides extensive data harmonization and analytics capabilities.

Like any other innovator we believe that magic does happen; not because magic is real, but because human wit, creativity and perseverance can make it so.

That’s why when we look at the fintech space here at Next Gate Tech, we get very excited, because it embodies the future, progress and opportunity. But we’re far from naive techno-optimists. We fully understand the more skeptical point of view many people working in the financial industry have about technology: they witnessed one after the other IT project being brought in as the long-awaited solution to all kinds of problems in their organizations, only to see these fail. As a result, IT projects in the financial industry have become synonymous with "overpromise and underdeliver"…

And here we are, Next Gate Tech, delivering you an online platform that promises to provide smart oversight of your assets under management and risk. It’s easy to set up, you don’t need a big development team and it’s always up to date. Yes, magic happens. Hard to believe, right?

Here’s how we managed to find the solution.

We’ve come to understand that any system is just as good as the input it gets. Tech platforms perform when the data it works with is organized and structured well. That’s why we decided to place a strong focus on data management, while building our platform. We have put in the work to collect, clean, harmonize and standardize all kinds of data into one data format, enriched with additional data focused on historical time series, to improve accuracy.

If tou think it's magic, think again.

As a result of this, the machine learning algorithms we’ve applied are receiving high quality input, resulting in high quality output. And that’s why our platform does work. This means that repetitive and error prone manual tasks fade into the past; being compliant magically becomes a lot less of a burden; anomalies are spotted in the blink of an eye and most importantly: you miraculously gain back a sense of control.

That’s why we like to challenge our clients by stating If you think it’s magic, think again.

How we were founded

Next Gate Tech was founded by professionals with years of experience in the asset management industry who have an intricate knowledge of its needs. Today, the team consists of talented members with complementary skills and extensive know-how in data analytics, finance, and technology.

Meet the team

This is the group of talented developers, quants and financial specialists that make it happen.

Davide Martucci

CEO & Co-founder

Semin Ibisevic

CTO & Co-founder

Fanni Koncz

Head of Operations

Guillaume Kauffmann

Head of Customer Experience

Olivier Dubois

Head of Business Development

Frédéric Campo

Head of Deployment

Nicolas Roland

Head of Product

Alastair Woodward

Strategic Advisor

Reza Houshangnia

Product Manager

Agata Balmas

Senior Product Manager

Lisa Denorme

HR Generalist

Yuting Xu

Senior Finance Manager

Rose Dorgan

Talent Acquisition Specialist

David Maskell

Information Security Manager

Margaux Marchesani

Client Services Manager

Andreea Catargiu

Client Services Manager

Theodore-Rolando Furtuna

Client Services Manager

Ian Houri

Business Developer

Alejandro Mínguez

Business Developer

Lucas de Lara

Marketing Manager

Asha Guruvayurappan

Deployment Engineer

Alexey Pankratov

Deployment Engineer

Aurélien Poincelot

Site Reliability Engineer

Renato Dinis

Cyber Security Specialist

Damola Soyoye

DevOps Engineer

Michaël Karpe

Machine Learning Scientist

Alexandre Willème

Senior Quantitative Developer

Alexandre Baguet

Quantitative Developer

Haythem Hassayoun

Quantitative Developer

Loïc Motheu

Senior Software Engineer

Oliver Aarnikoivu

Full Stack Software Engineer

Carlos Orelhas

Full Stack Software Engineer

Quentin Jaffré

Full Stack Software Engineer

Saurabh Chugh

Full Stack Software Engineer

Maxim Carp-Bezverhnii

Data Engineer

Fabio Alves Pinto

Data Engineer

Our offices

Next Gate Tech is a nimble fintech following our client’s cross border business globally from our Luxembourg and London offices.

26A Blvd. Royal - Luxembourg

35 New Broad St - London

Open positions

Join the group of talented developers, quants and financial specialists that make it happen.

Next Gate Tech delivers an online platform that provides smart analytics and insights on your asset under management. It’s easy to set up, you don’t need a big development team, and it’s always up-to-date. Sounds like magic, we know. But this time around it does work.