Fully Automated Funds Oversight Solution

Plug & Play

Everything you need to make fund oversight easier and better

Low Entry Barier

We take care of the onboarding and data on your behalf

Intelligent Oversight

Spot potential errors in real time and smartly

Sequantial Automated Monitoring

Independent checks and calculations

Adaptive and Contextualized Alerts

Scanning and processing a big amount of data in seconds


Share Class Analytics

Track share classes abnormal behavior thanks to Sequential Automated Monitoring of Share Class Evolution and Independent Fees and Performance Fees Calculation.


Sub Fund Analytics

Get Intelligent Sub Fund Evolution Oversight based on machine learning and real-time data of portfolio exposure helping anomaly detections on the NAV calculation at the Sub Fund level.

We also offer "Value For Money" reports, helping our clients to navigate the regulatory pressure on Closed Index Tracking and Value Assessment.


Unique Data Entry Point

Thanks to our robust and secure networks of API with custodians, administrators, prime brokers, financials data providers, and more, we take care of collecting, harmonizing, and cleaning your data on your behalf.

Big Data

Adaptive and Historical Context

Within a couple of seconds, we process big amount of data through millions of requests into our advanced models. Our models processes and feeds the historical data into an adaptive and contextualized alert system.

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