Smart Analytics & Automated Data Management for the Financial Industry

With our ability to perform extensive data harmonization, we’ve built a SaaS solution that generates smart analytics and insights for your assets under management.

Automated data management makes repetitive and error-prone tasks fade into the past

We leverage machine learning processes to automate the data flows of our clients resulting in the creation of a clean, harmonized and enriched database. We remove the manual input element, helping you to reduce your operational risk and free up more time to focus on value added tasks.

Smart signals help you re-evaluate your processes and optimize your resources

Leveraging the harmonized datasets, our platform will generate smart analytics and insights designed for multiple use cases such as NAV oversight, ESG analysis, risk metrics, investment manager supervision...

Anomalies are identified at a glance

Constant analysis of the time series enable anomalies to be identified fast, but we’ve decided to go a step further. We provide you with related events and detailed information for you to be efficient in managing the signals.

Made possible with the right DNA

We understand that such platform can only be meaningful for our clients when developed by a team with the right expertise and a strong client-oriented DNA. That’s why we are cultivating a collaborative and inclusive culture to attract the best industry and technology minds.

Our people learn the importance of mutual understanding, idea sharing and respect between each other, with our clients, partners and with their environment. All of that enable us to support our clients globally, while allowing us to remain nimble and ready to take our technology to the next level.